Investor base

Global institutional investor base with particular expertise in US & Europe
Higashiyama, Kyoto company visits - Westhall, December 2016

Our team has built strong connections with a global institutional investor base over many years with particular expertise in US and Europe.

Our investor clients include endowments, foundations, family offices, pension funds, insurance companies, local authority pension funds and specialist fund of funds.

With a detailed understanding of investors’ organisations and their investment criteria, the Westhall team is in a position to introduce the investment manager effectively. To fulfil our responsibility to both manager and investor, we believe it is our duty to match investor needs with the right fund.

Westhall works with a manager through the entire cycle of investor marketing. The involvement may entail shaping the marketing documentation and may include a written Westhall research document on the fund / investment manager. The ongoing commitment from Westhall is to identify suitable investor candidates, organise and join dedicated manager roadshows and provide detailed investor feedback to the investment manager. Pre-investment, we work with investors assisting their due diligence process. We have an active interest in the liaison and communication after investment.

We are positioned as a bridge between Asia and Western market time zones enabling an efficient response to investor requests.