Westhall Partners LLP and Cresta Westhall LLP are compensated by fund the fund managers they represent and this fee is paid by the fund managers from the fees received from the investor. The respective investor is responsible for making investment decisions based upon his thorough review of the Fund’s complete offering memorandum and documents and with due consideration given to operational, financial, legal and tax matters in determining the suitability of the Fund. Hedge Funds, absolute return and private equity funds are high risk investments that should only be undertaken after careful due diligence by an investor. Investors could lose their entire investment. Alternative investments often involve investing with leverage and other speculative securities that may increase the risk of investment loss. Alternative investments may be highly illiquid and may have no secondary market. The above is not a complete list of risk. The fund offering documents must be carefully reviewed for other important disclosures.

Past Performance

The value of investments may fall as well as rise and past performance should not be viewed as a guide to future performance.

Business Continuity Plan / AML

For details of Cresta Westhall’s Business Continuity Plan and AML Plan please see www.crestawesthall.com/.